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ISBN 978-1-3999-5212-5. Written by Absurd Intelligence. Designed by Fraser Muggeridge studio and Jeremy Deller. Typefaces: Library by Pierre Pané-Farré, Caslon Ionic by Commercial Type, Bureau Grotesque by Font Bureau. First published 2023

4pp Edixion Offset 250 gsm cover & 24pp Edixion Offset 100gsm text. 180 x 110 mm portrait. Printed by Taylor Brothers.

Hard Art

HA 001

The Work WE Need to Do

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A Manual For Our Time — the first Hard Art Manifesto.

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Because we cannot afford to carry on like this.

It’s time to join the dots.

The crisis is here, we are in it, and it’s worse than we imagined. There is no ‘somewhere’ outside of this crisis now. It is in our politics and on our supermarket shelves, it’s in the burning forests and our broken legal system, in our dwindling pay cheques and rising energy bills.

Politics as we know it is out of date and incapable of tackling the urgency of this moment.

It’s time to join the dots.

From a financial system run for the benefit of profit over life to a media refusing to help society learn the truth. From a corrupt government in the pocket of lobbyists to the stripping of our right to protest against ongoing injustice.

It’s time to join the dots.

Because the climate crisis and the crisis in our society are two chapters of the same story. It’s an age-old story where the majority of us are forced to pay for crises not of our making, while a tiny minority profit from our struggle.

It’s time to join the dots from the old stale story where there is no alternative, to a new idea of what’s possible. From a closed-minded, unequal, dishonest story obsessed with money, to the better story of love, tolerance and care.

Our story does not belong to them, but to us, every single one of us.

We are the dots.

CategoryManifesto, Activism, Democracy
Release Date9 April 2024
RecordHA 001